8/18/2018 Tournament Player List

Partial Image of Gym for Saturday 8/18/2018


Thanks for your interest in the upcoming tournament on 8/18/2018.   There will be a preliminary round robin with groups of 3-6 people, followed by single-elimination playoff round. Time permitting, we’ll do a fun doubles or hardbat single elimination tournament afterwards. Starts at 10am, hope to be done by 4pm.  $10 for locals, $15 for those outside Athens-Clarke County.

Sign Up: Tournament Signup Page -From there, create an account and please register online by 8/17/2018. This is a non-sanctioned event and will not affect your USATT rating


Player List (USATT ratings or estimate of USATT rating used for this list):

Updated 8/15/2018

Blair – 1622

Fangliang – 1480 (estimated)

Al – 1468

Wendy – 1450 (estimated)

Wujun – 1438

Tony – 1436

Korky – 1343

Tim – 1300

Yoram – 1300

Alex – 1200 (estimated)

Ed – 1270

Taylor – 1150 (estimated)

Kurt – 1134

Ben – 1095 (NCTTA rating)

Matt – 997

Chang – 900

Travis – 847

Peter – (unrated – 800)

Please arrive and sign in by 9:45, please arrive by 9:30 if you’ve never been here before.

Check out this PDF for more details on this event: More Details

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