Athens Table Tennis Update

We’ve had great regular attendance of 5-11 people over the first 6 weeks of being open to the public and look forward to your continued support of the program

Please join us for practice matches and training on Saturday from 1-4pm @ East Athens Community Center. A robot will be set-up on one table established as a “training table” this week, but the other two tables will be good for open play.

Have You Considered Getting Tournament Experience?

The Atlanta Open will be at Lucky Shoals Park on June 3rd.  It would set you back about $40-$50 to get a full day of playing (8 matches, best of 5 games).  It’s a great experience and provides great competition against people of a similar skill level.  Come to the Saturday Open Play or e-mail for more details.

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Saturday Table Tennis Open Play

Athens ga UGA table tennis ping pong
Meeting upstairs at East Athens Community Center every Saturday

Join us every Saturday for table tennis open play at East Athens Community Center from 1-4pm.  We have 3 tables in a well lit and spacious room and have been open to the public for about a month now. Competitive and beginner players will be there every Saturday for the foreseeable future to get better in a friendly environment.  I believe this is the first time table tennis has been publicly available in the downtown Athens area in an organized setting. Since no public leagues exist in many areas, people often don’t know this sport exists and is thriving in larger cities like Atlanta at organizations like AGTTA and AITTA.

The game of ping pong gets more interesting and becomes the sport of table tennis as you learn to spin the ball well with proper equipment. At first glance, table tennis is an awkward sport to get started in competitively.  Many of us grew up playing siblings, friends in a basement, or buddies in the dorm, so asking a stranger to play may be awkward for you.  Please remember that everyone you meet on a given Saturday also went through that first table tennis club visit at some point, so expect that we will be very hospitable to newcomers. Send any questions or requests for coaching to and please show up and bring a friend.