Spring Tournament Announcement!



Round Robin Tournament – April 14th, 2018 @ 10am

–Only 24 players will be accepted

Stage 1: Preliminary: Groups of 3-6 participants will play each other in a match as they compete to make it to stage 2. (Matches for first two stages are best of 5 games, all games are to 11 points).

Stage 2: Based on playing records in the preliminary round, the top 3 players from each group will be placed in Division A, B, or C. Players grouped in these 3 divisions play each other in a match to complete this round.

Stage 3: This will be the finals where the two competitors with the best match record from each division in Stage 2 play a match, best of 7 games.

Prizes: Planning on having a trophy and t-shirt for the winner of each division.

Start Time: Saturday, April 14th, 2018 @ 10am (Should be finished some time after 2:00pm)

Deadline for Registration: March 30th, 2018

Event Fee: $15

All entry forms that are not accompanied with the $15 event fee will not be accepted.  You may mail the form to the address listed on the form, or you may submit your entry form and event fee in person at one of our regularly scheduled open play sessions.

Equipment: Rackets must be USATT approved. One side of the racket must be bright red, the other side black. DHS D40+ 3 star balls will be used for all events

Clothing: The main color of the body of the shirt or shorts may not be white. Please dress in appropriate athletic attire. Designs or lettering that are distracting to an opponent or are offensive will not be permitted. Socks and rubber-soled, non-marking, shoes must be worn.

Umpire: Umpire for your match will be provided if requested.

Cancellation: The organizer reserves the right to cancel the tournament or modify the format based on the number of entries.

Practice: Opening up for practice at 9:15am