8/18/2018 Tournament Player List

Partial Image of Gym for Saturday 8/18/2018


Thanks for your interest in the upcoming tournament on 8/18/2018.   There will be a preliminary round robin with groups of 3-6 people, followed by single-elimination playoff round. Time permitting, we’ll do a fun doubles or hardbat single elimination tournament afterwards. Starts at 10am, hope to be done by 4pm.  $10 for locals, $15 for those outside Athens-Clarke County.

Sign Up: Tournament Signup Page -From there, create an account and please register online by 8/17/2018. This is a non-sanctioned event and will not affect your USATT rating


Player List (USATT ratings or estimate of USATT rating used for this list):

Updated 8/15/2018

Blair – 1622

Fangliang – 1480 (estimated)

Al – 1468

Wendy – 1450 (estimated)

Wujun – 1438

Tony – 1436

Korky – 1343

Tim – 1300

Yoram – 1300

Alex – 1200 (estimated)

Ed – 1270

Taylor – 1150 (estimated)

Kurt – 1134

Ben – 1095 (NCTTA rating)

Matt – 997

Chang – 900

Travis – 847

Peter – (unrated – 800)

Please arrive and sign in by 9:45, please arrive by 9:30 if you’ve never been here before.

Check out this PDF for more details on this event: More Details

Athens GA Summertime Round Robin – August 18th

Athens Georgia Table Tennis Club is teaming up with East Athens Community Center to host our next tournament August 18th, 2018.  Details will be up soon, along with an online registration option.  Cost will be under $20 per person and it will be round robin format with everyone getting at least 3-6 matches.  All skill levels are encouraged to attend this tournament and round robin playing groups will be carefully arranged based on your current skill level determined by tournament organizer and/or USATT rating. This should allow most of our competitors to have a great day of matches against people that play at a similar level. Fun doubles event will take place if time permits, so bring a friend. Minimum of t-shirts and trophies for the winner of each division, but we are looking into the option of providing cash prizes too.

Hope to see you soon! Come enjoy our regular open play sessions every Monday and Saturday.


We Serve Legally In Athens!

Club founder’s response to an article regarding illegal serves is now published on a popular table tennis blog: http://t3atl.com/response-to-shut-up-and-just-play/

Come play with great local competitors every Monday and Saturday here in Athens, GA.  We have 4 tables set up at every session and good lighting using DHS D40+ 3 star balls. Your club director will not condone illegal serves or poor sportsmanship, so please come enjoy a friendly environment as you improve your skills. We’ll be getting t-shirts made soon and the next double round robin tournament is tentatively scheduled le for August 4th, 2018.

See you at the table,


Table Tennis Schedule Update

East Athens Community Center will be closed on 5/29 for Memorial Day, so the weekday open play session will occur on the following day, Tuesday 5/30, from 6:00 – 8:30pm.  Otherwise, we still play every Monday from 6:00pm to 8:30 pm and Saturdays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  The club is structured to allow fair distribution of playing time to players of all skill levels, so don’t be shy, come play with us soon!

Newgy Robopong 2040 now available for use by all club members who pay monthly or annually. We also have a couple new tables that are great for competitive play. Send e-mails to tabletennisathensga@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.




Spring 2018 Tournament Write-Up

Our recent tournament was a great success with 16 competitors and numerous spectators gathered in the bleachers at East Athens Community Center. This round robin tournament allowed competitors to get 6 matches and a lunch break. It started promptly at 10am and ended at about 4pm. Winners of A, B, and C division went home with a nice trophy and shirt: videos and photos @ https://www.facebook.com/PingPongAthensGA/ . There you will find an edited version of the finals matches for Division A Singles and the Fun Doubles single-elimination event, along with a photo of the 3 new champions.

Here’s the non-Facebook video of the finals: 2018 Spring Tournament Finals

Here’s the non-Facebook video of the doubles finals: 2018 Spring Tournament Doubles Finals

Open Play sessions Mondays 6:00 – 8:30pm and Saturdays 1:00 – 4:00pm. First visit free, then $1 per session or $5 per month.

Out next tournament will probably be at the end of July after the Georgia Games. Next great tournament with divisions for all skill levels is on June 2nd at AGTTA, see pic below for more info.



Spring Tournament Announcement!



Round Robin Tournament – April 14th, 2018 @ 10am

–Only 24 players will be accepted

Stage 1: Preliminary: Groups of 3-6 participants will play each other in a match as they compete to make it to stage 2. (Matches for first two stages are best of 5 games, all games are to 11 points).

Stage 2: Based on playing records in the preliminary round, the top 3 players from each group will be placed in Division A, B, or C. Players grouped in these 3 divisions play each other in a match to complete this round.

Stage 3: This will be the finals where the two competitors with the best match record from each division in Stage 2 play a match, best of 7 games.

Prizes: Planning on having a trophy and t-shirt for the winner of each division.

Start Time: Saturday, April 14th, 2018 @ 10am (Should be finished some time after 2:00pm)

Deadline for Registration: March 30th, 2018

Event Fee: $15

All entry forms that are not accompanied with the $15 event fee will not be accepted.  You may mail the form to the address listed on the form, or you may submit your entry form and event fee in person at one of our regularly scheduled open play sessions.

Equipment: Rackets must be USATT approved. One side of the racket must be bright red, the other side black. DHS D40+ 3 star balls will be used for all events

Clothing: The main color of the body of the shirt or shorts may not be white. Please dress in appropriate athletic attire. Designs or lettering that are distracting to an opponent or are offensive will not be permitted. Socks and rubber-soled, non-marking, shoes must be worn.

Umpire: Umpire for your match will be provided if requested.

Cancellation: The organizer reserves the right to cancel the tournament or modify the format based on the number of entries.

Practice: Opening up for practice at 9:15am