Local Rankings

Rankings as of September 1, 2018: Determined by using the Santa Rosa System. Details at: http://www.hardbat.com/SRsystem.html

Current Rankings

  1. Markus
  2. Tony
  3. Yoram
  4. Taylor
  5. Wendy
  6. Fangliang
  7. Al
  8. Matt
  9. Travis
  10. Steven



  • When a player arrives, they add their name to the bottom of the list (on the whiteboard).
  • Each player waits their turn.
  • When everyone’s name above theirs is crossed off, it is their turn to play. He or she may choose to do one of the following:
    — ask another idle player to play for fun,
    — challenge another player for a “challenge board” match,
    — ask another idle player if they want to practice for 20 minutes,
    — delay playing (if they are still tired, or want to wait for someone who is already playing).
  • If a player delays, it’s the next player in line’s turn.
  • A player who is asked for a “fun” match may decline the invitation.
  • All matches are 3-out-of-5.
  • When a match is over, BOTH players leave the table, return to the front, and add their names to the BOTTOM of the waiting list.
  • Challenges for the challenge board work as follows:
    — you can only challenge (for the board) someone one or two spaces up from you, counting only those players who are present.
    — for example, if you’re #4, and #3 is absent, you can challenge #2 or #1.
    — if the higher player wins, there is no change to the board.
    — if the lower player wins, he or she moves up to the higher players spot, and everyone in between moves down one spot (including the loser).
    — the players move the discs on the challenge board themselves (if they’re not sure sure how to do it, they can ask someone).
  • A player who is asked for a “challenge” match cannot decline, unless he or she has already been challenged twice that night (or once already from the same person).
  • A player who is injured does not have to accept challenges.