Table Tennis Equipment

We use 4 tables @ East Athens Community Center and utilize competition-quality net sets that are measured to regulation height for each session.

We use 3 star DHS D40+ balls as of July 2017. They are high quality ITTF approved 40+ balls for matches and training and may often be purchased for under $1 a ball. These are the standard for ITTF World Tour events through 2020 and the DHS D40+ ball compares favorably to the popular Nittaku Premium 40+ ball used in many leagues/tournaments here in the U.S.

The Newgy Robopong 2050 robot is available for use by request only, so shoot an e-mail to if you want to try it out at one of our regularly scheduled open play sessions.

Talk with an experienced player or coach for advice on getting an affordable custom table tennis racket. We keep plenty of extra rackets with us that you can try out if you’re new to the sport or just visiting.