Open Play Sessions

Two open play sessions each week:

Saturdays – 1:00 to 4:00pm

Wednesdays – 6:00 to 8:00pm

$1 per visit or $5 per month, first visit free!


-Must reserve spot for open play, send e-mail to to get a link to reservation page if you want to visit.


Tentative “New Normal” Rules for Playing in the Gym:

  1. Stay home if sick or exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19. Please visit for more information on symptoms of Covid-19.
  2. Please wear a face mask/cover when entering East Athens Community Center and sanitize hands.
  3. Sign new USATT liability waiver.
  4. Sanitize hands again.
  5. Please let Sean take your temperature.
  6. Bring your own chair.
  7. Please stay physically distanced at least 6 feet at all times, no doubles.
  8. No switching sides during matches. Sanitize table if switching practice partners.
  9. Only put your hands on the ball you are assigned to use.  kick or paddle the ball back to your opponent if they cannot conveniently retrieve it on their own.
  10. Please wear a face mask/cover in the public area and when not playing.
  11. It is STRONGLY recommended, that you also wear a face mask/cover while playing.
  12. Sanitize or wash hands frequently.
  13. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after using the public restroom before re-entering the facility.
  14. Please don’t bring spectators.
  15. People that wear safety glasses while playing are super cool.

Tables and balls used will be sanitized before each playing session.  Hand sanitizer will be available, but washing hands with soap is a great option too.




Disregard normal open play guidelines listed below, they do not apply at this time.






Explanations below are based on the original instructions from the Santa Rosa System.

How to get going at open play sessions:

  • Say hello, then sign-in and complete liability waiver if you have not done so.
  • Add your name to the bottom of the wait list on the whiteboard if there are no tables available when you arrive.
  • Watch some matches or chit-chat until a table becomes available.
  • When everyone’s name above yours is crossed off, it is your turn to play. You may choose to do one of the following:
    • — ask another idle player to play a practice match for fun,
      — challenge another player for a “challenge board” match,
      — ask another idle player if they want to practice for 20 minutes (15 minutes if 10 or more people are present),
      — or you may delay playing (if still tired, or if you want to wait for someone who is already playing).
  • If a player delays, it’s the next player in line’s turn.
  • A player who is asked for a “fun” match may decline the invitation and continue waiting.
  • Warm up for about 10 minutes if it’s your first match of the day, or else keep warmup time in the 2-5 minute range. All matches are best 3-out-of-5, unless we have 10 or more people at the club, then it’s best 2-out-of-3. (Alright if you play a 3rd game if match is won 2-0)
  • When a match is over, BOTH players leave the table, then return to the seating area and add their names to the BOTTOM of the waiting list.

Challenge Board Additional Information:

  • Challenges for the challenge board work as follows:
    — you can only challenge (for the board) someone one or two spaces up from you, counting only those players who are present.
    — for example, if you’re #4, and #3 is absent, you can challenge #2 or #1.
    — if the higher player wins, there is no change to the board.
    — if the lower player wins, he or she moves up to the higher players spot, and everyone in between moves down one spot (including the loser).
    — the winner of the challenge match should fix the listing on the challenge board. (If not sure sure how to do it, please ask for assistance).
  • A player who is asked for a “challenge” match cannot decline, unless he or she has already been challenged twice that night (or once already from the same person).
  • A player who is injured does not have to accept challenges.